Dear Visitor,

This is my little corner of the web where I like to showcase projects that I am working and to act as an online CV.

Who I am
I am an enthusiastic and willing individual with over eight years work experience in the IT industry, I am constantly looking to further my career in a field that I feel very passionately about. During this time, I have picked up many valuable technical and project management skills that will prove valuable in an interesting and changing sector.

"A conscientious, confident and talented IT professional with a keen eye for detail. James has a structured methodical approach which ensures results and objectives are achieved. Experience in training, developing and coaching others with a passion for Technology and Enterprise. A highly respected member of the team who continues to add value in all he gets involved in."

I like technology
I care about technology and have developed a unique set of skills that combine Document Composition Development and Web Development. Technologies that I am comfortable with using include: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Doc1 Suite, Thunderhead and Javascript (See the skills page for a more detailed roundup). I also have experience managing projects and acting as a team leader.

Want to get in touch?
I hope that you enjoy looking around my site and if you want to contact me, I am contactable using the buttons at the top of this page.


James Tesh

I have skills in a wide variety of technologies. I have attempted to quantify where I believe my skill levels are with the below technology and I have represented the levels using a progress bar:

Visual Studio70%
Microsoft Office100%
Windows Server85%
AD Administration85%

I have worked in IT for over 8 years and most recently I have worked as a Senior Document Developer for The Royal Bank of Scotland (Future Williams & Glyn), before that, I was a Junior Document Developer for the Royal Bank of Scotland Document Services team.

I have also worked in customer service focused roles such as IT Helpdesk for the Royal Bank of Scotland and Computer Sciences Corporation. This experience has given me a customer focused attitude and the need to give a customer the best experience possible.

Senior Document Developer - RBS (Future Williams & Glyn)

  • Delivered a new document development team from scratch, this included assisting the functional manager with performing job interviews and selecting candidates for 4 new Junior Document Developer roles.
  • Trained and performed a temporary line manager role for the recruited junior developers whilst Lead Document Developer was to be recruited at a later date.
  • Author, maintain and compile Doc1 code and perform deployments to the DocS Unix Service via SSH and SFTP. This deployment involved editing configuration from within Unix as well as performing test scenarios via scripts that fed data into the applications and collected output to ensure everything was as per customer requirements.
  • Maintain the scripts that perform functions such as pre-processing of data to bring it into the format that the application expected and passing file to the post processing tool SEFAS Producer.
  • Continually Author and maintain HTML based email and letter templates using a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Built an improved Document Solution Unix Services (IBM AIX) in order to facilitate document generation and transfer to the print supplier Williams Lea.
  • Performed a major rebranding of all Letter/Email and SMS correspondence from Royal Bank of Scotland to Williams & Glyn. This included ensuring 100% accuracy of items such as web addresses, phone numbers, team addresses, branch locations and formatting of templates.
  • Liaised and coordinated with the Williams & Glyn delivery team in order to successfully deliver a fully functional document solutions team for Williams & Glyn.
  • Reach out to the wider business and sell the advantages of bringing their customer correspondence into central print from local print. This involved highlighting cost saving and time saving implications.

Junior Document Developer - RBS

  • Design and develop customer facing documentation. These documents are sent out via multiple channels from large scale central print, to local branch output using the Doc1 Development suite.
  • Support and maintain all applications within the Doc1 development suite.
  • Maintain Email templates within the o2 messaging platform.
  • Maintain documentation, including applications specifications.
  • Assist the Thunderhead Letters team with maintaining and creating customer letters templates on the Thunderhead Platform
  • Involved in all aspects of document design and development. From initial work reception to technical planning, development and providing support to UAT and OAT testing.
  • Liaise with various teams in RBS during a project lifecycle.
  • Create and manipulate XML and delimited data files.
  • Perform various tasks on AIX Unix including monitoring incoming files and running/editing bash scripts.

Other roles held:

Senior Service Desk Analyst - RBS

Service Desk Analyst - Chartis

Service Desk Analyst - CSC

I am always involved in some kind of project personal project, these projects can range from software to Photography.

JT-CMS is a custom Content Management System I am developing in PHP, MySQL and Javascript.

It is fairly simple compared to some of the larger projects out there but it does have features such as being able to create projects, add "posts" to those projects and manage those posts. It also features a complete user authenticated administration backend. I will continue to add to this project and it is getting close to V1.0.0.

I currently have a website that is using JT-CMS as its back-end. That website is Yorkshire Star. The Yorkshire Star is a satire site that comments on news from a "Yorkshire Perspective". It is intended as a test of JT-CMS.

Once it gets to V1.0.0 I will release the source code on BitBucket and apply an open source licence so that others can, hopefully, contribute.

These are a few screenshots of the admin screen in the pre-release version

The Main screen that gives a summary of the projects within the CMS This screen allows you to change the about section of your site with a WYSIWYG editor Each project currently contains information such as the project name, the description, who is the owner and the theme of the project It also allows you to get an overview of the items that are loaded into projects, it has the ability to filter results based on what project they're in or whether they are deleted or not The settings screen is incomplete, but at the moment it allows you to change the basic settings of the site such as the current theme or the site name / Email

Hoot is an adventure game development kit written in Javascript and developed by a chap called Dave Gauer. You can find out more about Hoot at his website.

I have added additional functionality for a recent team event that allowed a game developed in Hoot to be played competitively. The additional functionality is basically a dashboard that shows each "teams" progress through an adventure. This worked really well in a team building activity recently.

The additional functionality makes use of PHP and a MySQL database.

I have released the source code for the project in a BitBucket repository.

I really enjoy taking photographs when I'm out and consider Photography to be a serious hobby. I have taken many photographs over the years and usually share these via my Facebook page.

My main interest is in shooting Landscapes and Aviation related photography but I will generally take photographs of anything that I find interesting.