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JT-CMS the admin PanelJT-CMS | 23-Sep-16 | 05:09

JT-CMS is a Content Management System which means that it comes with an protected admin back-end which allows you to perform updates to your site without any coding knowledge. It features a rich text editor that gives an environment like a word processor that allows easy editing of text. The admin panel is designed to be as easy to use as possible:

Intro Admin Panel

The rich text editor makes writing content a breeze, it contains features such as formatting and justification and allows easy insertion of images. Within JT-CMS we use the TinyMCE editor, for more information on its capabilities, you can find their website at

 Below is a simple diagram that illustrates how pages are organised within the JT-CMS ecosystem.

JT-CMS organisation of pages

Supermarine Spitfire at IWM DuxfordPhotography | 19-Sep-16 | 08:09
Nothing quite like that Merlin roar!
Europort morningPhotography | 19-Sep-16 | 08:09
Arriving at the Europort in Holland
Tankfest 2016 - Leopard (again)Photography | 19-Sep-16 | 07:09
Another photograph of the leopard at Tankfest 2016
Tankfest 2016 - ChallengerPhotography | 19-Sep-16 | 06:09

A challenger at Tankfest 2016