Messerschmitt Bf 109

Designed in part by Willy Messerschmitt with the callaboration of Walter Rethel the BF109 became extremely important to the German millitary and formed the back bone of the Luftwaffa's fighter force

Messerschmitt's firm was also responsible for producing the first production jet fighter in the ME262 (Although he wasn't directly involved in its design)

Messerschmitt started his career designing gliders such as the S8 which broke the world duration record.

Built for the German air force during the 1930's, it was instrumental in bringing the Luftwaffa into a modern force capable of waging an air war over enemy territory

It first saw combat during the Spanish civil war. German involvement in the civil war is widely seen as an opportunity for Germany to test its Blitzkrieg tactics

Power Plant:
Daimler-Benz DB 605A-1
Operators: Germany, Bulgaria, NDH, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Yugoslavia
Armament: 2 x 13mm MG131 machine guns
1 x 20mm MG 151-20 Cannon

The main rival of the ME109 was probably the Supermarine Spitfire during the Battle of Britain and later operations in the war. Both were very capable aircraft and had comparable statistics.

In comparison to the Spitfire more ME109s were built. There were 33,984 ME109s to 20,351 Spitfires. This was probably due to the ME109 seeing a lot of action earlier in the war in France and a bit later in Russia.

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Article by J.Tesh using the above references for information.